What are the 3 worst stains to remove?

What are the 3 worst stains to remove? Stain removal doesn’t have to be an arduous process. These days treating stains has become a lot easier with a wide range of cleaning products and various hacks available on YouTube, Instagram and blogs. We’ve been in this business a long time and have come across it […]

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viscose rug cleaning

Complete guide: How to steam clean a rug made from Viscose

How to Steam Clean a Rug Made From Viscose Viscose rugs are “a terrible beauty” Before you steam clean a rug made of viscose, please read this article, it might just save you a whole lot of money and stress. Viscose rugs are becoming more and more popular but they do have very specific care […]

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blackgold rug cleaning Cheltenham

The Importance Of Getting a Carpet Cleaned Routinely

The Importance Of Getting a Carpet Cleaned Routinely Your carpet is probably harbouring all kinds of nasties, some visible and some not. That’s why we always suggest cleaning your carpet routinely. For many people this entails regularly vacuuming to gather up dust and dirt whilst this is better than nothing, it doesn’t take care of […]

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how much is upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services Pricing

Upholstery Cleaning Services Pricing How much does upholstery cleaning cost? Upholstery cleaning services include furniture items such as couches, lounges, sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs, mattresses and ottomans. Each of these items are covered with fabric and just like your clothing, they need regular cleaning. Let’s face it, your couch gets a fairly good work […]

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Professional carpet cleaning tips

3 Reasons why steam cleaning is best for your carpet

3 Reasons why steam cleaning is best for your carpet Have you ever wondered what the difference is between steam cleaning and dry cleaning your carpet? Is one method better than the other when it comes to your home and health? We think so! Although, we offer both methods of carpet cleaning, we believe that […]

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Citrus oil is low tox chemical free carpet cleaning

Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning

Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning Can carpets be cleaned without chemicals? Is there really such a thing as chemical free carpet cleaning? Can you clean with just water? I am going to delve into this topic and explain why “chemical free” is not possible when it comes to cleaning. In fact “chemical free” is an impossible […]

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chemical bleach on carpet

How to fix bleach on carpet

How to fix bleach on carpet Bleach on carpet – is it a stain? Bleach on carpet is a real problem. Firstly, let me clear up a common misconception. Bleach does not stain carpet, instead, it removes the colour from the fibres. Bleach causes colour loss, whereas other substances stain by adding colour to the […]

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Merry Christmas carpet cleaning

Christmas Carpet Cleaning

Top 5 Christmas Carpet Cleaning Tips Our top tips for keeping your carpet clean and fresh these holidays 1. Rugs & Mats – It all starts at the front door Christmas carpet cleaning tip number one starts with the old adage “Prevention is better than cure”.  You want your guests to bring you goodies & […]

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water damage restoration Melbourne

Water Damage Carpet Stains

Need help with water damage carpet stains? Have you ever left the bath running and forgotten all about it until you are up to your ankles in wet carpet? Never fear, Black Gold is here! We specialise in removing water marks and stains caused by water leakage.  Water damage carpet stains often leave a brown […]

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allergy carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning and allergy prevention

Steam Carpet Cleaning Asthma and allergy Prevention Steam carpet cleaning is essential for interior carpet, especially if you have asthma or allergies. Carpet is a wonderful way to add warmth and comfort to your home, however when it comes to allergies and asthma, carpets are the enemy.  Or are they? If you ask  most people, […]

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