What are the 3 worst stains to remove?

Stain removal doesn’t have to be an arduous process. These days treating stains has become a lot easier with a wide range of cleaning products and various hacks available on YouTube, Instagram and blogs. We’ve been in this business a long time and have come across it all. There’s certain stains we see time and time again, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 3 worst stains to get rid of. We recommend you call a professional for these stains, as once you try to remove them yourself, there is no guarantee we can reverse the damage.

3 worst Stains

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1. Red Wine

You can hear everyone gasp at a dinner party when a glass of red wine is knocked over. Quickly people will vocalise their best tips for preventing a stain. The one we’ve all heard about and probably done ourselves at some point is to pour some white wine over the red wine stain, in the hope that it will counter the permeating stain being made from the red wine.

Whilst, there is some science behind this method, it doesn’t always do the trick of eliminating the stain. Also, it leaves a very pervasive smell. Instead try adding 1 parts cold water to 3 parts white vinegar in spray bottle and gently dabbing the stain with a clean, light coloured cloth. This way your carpet or couch won’t stink of booze and staining will be minimised. If the stain remains, please call a stain removal specialist, do not try other products as you may well make things worse.

Blood Stain Removal Melbourne
Blood be gone

2. Blood

Keeping with the red theme, blood is another one that is notoriously difficult to get out of fabric and carpets. As with all stains it’s important to act quickly when blood comes into contact with the fabric or carpet. If it’s only a small spot then you can use plain cold water – just a light spray, do not over saturate and then dab with a clean light coloured cloth. Do not rub or scrub! Cold water works well with small areas of fresh blood, however for large spots or dried blood, we recommend calling a specialist. Blood is a protein and it requires specialty products to remove it, such as enzymatic cleaners which digest the proteins and remove the stain.

vomit is one of the 3 worst stains
Is it a Jackson Pollock? No it is just vomit!

3. Vomit

Again, not a particular pleasant stain to deal with and we’ve all been there. Perhaps the dog had eaten something that disagreed with them, or there was a big party the night before and one of your guests got a bit carried away. Whether, it’s vomit from a human or animal it can be a particularly tough stain to get out of carpet, depending on how long it’s been there and what kinds of remedial action was taken at the time.

Apart from the colour and visual appearance, vomit also has a very unpleasant smell and it’s not for the faint of heart to be cleaning. If the vomit is on the carpet and a large area it’s highly recommended you get a professional in. Scrap away as much of the solid matter as you can and perhaps place a damp towel over the area to reduce the odour and prevent the stain from setting on the carpet.

Time is essential, so call in a stain removal professional as soon as possible as they will have the appropriate anti bacterial treatments to not only remove the vomit stain, but also the odour causing bacteria and germs.

These are the 3 worst stains in our experience, but there are many other stains which cause permanent damage if not treated correctly. Don’t forget we’re always on hand to sort out your stains. For the best stain removal company in Melbourne look no further – contact us today!

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