Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning: All’s well that ends well!

A funny thing happened at work the other day…..

Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning: The Booking

Last week I took a booking for a carpet cleaning job in Bentleigh. Let’s just call the customer “Cathy” to avoid any embarrassment! Cathy, lives in a 3 story townhouse, in Bentleigh and wanted us to clean her carpet. One bedroom upstairs had a “few” puppy stains, she said. A quote was given, accepted and the booking  was confirmed. Nothing unusual so far……

 The Job

When I arrived at Cathy’s address in Bentleigh for carpet cleaning, I did a pre inspection with Cathy. WCarpet cleaning service Bentleighhen doing this pre  Carpet Cleaning inspection, I explained to Cathy that the bedroom with a “few” puppy stains was actually covered in puppy stains. The whole area would have to be treated, rather than the few spots I quoted on.

While the cost was something I was happy to discount for her, I was concerned that the stains had been there for quite sometime.  Added to this, she had tried to remove some of them herself. I explained, to her, there was no guarantee that they would all be removed 100%. However, I was sure I could make them look better, as I had done previously for many other happy Bentleigh carpet cleaning customers.

At this point Cathy became quite annoyed.  She said that if I couldn’t remove the stains 100% then I should leave! Realising this job was going to be a difficult one and not wanting to upset Cathy any further, I quickly made my apologies for the time taken.  I then informed her that there would be no call out fee charged. The decision was hers if I stayed or left. She said she would get someone else, so I said goodbye and headed off to my next job. No harm done.

The Surprise

Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning serviceLater that day, I received a phone call from a customer who needed carpet cleaning. This customer explained to me that some “fool with a bad attitude”, had come out to clean her carpets and left refusing to do the job! I am always shocked when I hear these stories about rogue carpet cleaners!

I assured her I was happy to find a time to come and clean her carpets, however as she started describing the job to me over the phone, it all started to sound very familiar! Yep, you guessed it, it was Cathy from Bentleigh! She hadn’t realised she was talking to the very ‘”fool with a bad attitude” who had been at her place for Bentleigh carpet cleaning, earlier in the day!

I thought I would have a bit of fun with her and asked how she found me. Cathy told me she had asked her friends on Facebook and several of them were past customers, so I came very highly recommended.  She didn’t want just any Bentleigh carpet cleaner, she wanted me! By this time I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I told her that I was happy to arrange a booking for her, but there was just one problem…..”I am that fool with a bad attitude who came to your place this morning!”

The Happy Ending

Carpet Cleaning Bentleigh“Hello, hello, Cathy are you still there…?” The line had gone silent, then the apologies started…. To cut a long story short we both ended up having a bit of a laugh about what had happened. Cathy was embarrassed.  However, I told her not to worry I could see the funny side and would happily come back another day.

I did go back a week or so later and I managed to get almost all of the stains out. Cathy was very happy and now is a customer for life! Cathy even logged back onto Facebook later that day and relayed the whole story to her friends who all had a good laugh.They were very impressed by the outcome and her recommendation of me, even after all that had happened. Sometimes the worst customers can become your best customers, it just depends on your attitude!

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