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Which Carpet Steam Cleaners are Best: Truck Mounted or Portable Machines?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are various methods and equipment available, each with its own set of advantages and limitations. Two common types of carpet steam cleaners are truck-mounted and portable units, each offering distinct features and benefits. Like most professional carpet cleaning companies, we offer both carpet cleaning systems. Our customers often ask us which carpet steam cleaning machine is best for their job and what the differences are between each machine. This blog will outline the key factors we take into consideration when choosing the best steam cleaning system for your unique property.

While these two carpet cleaning machines both use the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning) to clean your carpet, they deliver this cleaning method in different ways. Each with their own pros and cons. Usually the method chosen will depend on many factors such as the size of the job, parking access, security issues, and if it is a multi level or ground floor property.

Truck-Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines

Truck-mounted carpet cleaningCarpet steam cleaners truck mounted in Glen Huntly machines are powerful units that are typically mounted on trucks or vans. These carpet steam cleaners are self generated, using their own fuel supply and therefore do not need to be connected to the property’s electricity outlets. This definitely comes in handy for end of lease cleaning when the power supply has already been disconnected It also means much less noise inside the property which is great for those working from home and for pets or small children. However, the machine is quite noisy outside and it does emit some heat and fumes so driveway parking is a must. Once the cleaning begins the van cannot be moved, so shared driveways, such as those often found in apartment blocks, are not suitable.

Truck mounted machines supply high heat and powerful vacuum suction which helps deliver amazing cleaning results. Due to their power, truck-mounted units can clean large areas quickly and efficiently. This makes them the ideal carpet steam cleaners for commercial and industrial settings where time is of the essence. However, truck mounted machines are too powerful to use on most upholstery fabrics as they are much more delicate than robust carpet fibres.

Hoses are run directly from the truck mounted machine into the property. Therefore there is no need to bring the loud machinery inside and there is less set up time. Doors must however, be left open to run hoses into the home or office and this may cause security issues for some types of properties, such as aged care facilities. This also means the truck mounted machine cannot be used in multi level properties as hoses cannot be run upstairs or in elevators.

The water supply comes from your garden tap and the water is pumped through the steam cleaning machine where it is heated to a high degree. A steady supply of hot water is vital for removing dirt and stains. This has the added bonus of not having hoses attached to internal tap fittings, so there is no water leakage or mess, however, not all properties have a garden tap in proximity to the main access doors and in this case the truck mounted machine could not be used. There is a large capacity water waste tank in the van, this means the dirty water can be removed from your property after the cleaning has been completed and there is no need to stop cleaning to refill the clean water tank or empty the dirty water tank, which saves time.

Portable Carpet Steam Cleaners

Portable carpet steam cleaning portable steam cleaners machine machines, on the other hand, are compact units that can be easily transported and maneuvered within indoor spaces. The portable machines we use are professional, commercial grade machines, and are much larger and more powerful than those small machines you can rent from supermarkets or hardware stores. These machines offer versatility and convenience for various carpet cleaning applications. They are particularly well-suited for residential settings, small offices, and areas with limited accessibility, such as apartments. We do not require driveway parking and stairs and elevators are accessible with a portable carpet steam cleaner machine. However we cannot carry the portable up very narrow or spiral staircases.

Portable carpet cleaning machines can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks beyond carpets, including upholstery, rugs, and car interiors. These smaller machines do not offer the same level of power and heat as truck mounts, however most residential and smaller commercial properties do not require excessive amounts of heat and suction to achieve a great cleaning result. The truck mount is great for really large or heavily soiled carpets, but portable machines are more than adequate for most jobs.

When cleaning with a portable machine we will need to bring the machine, hoses, wand, etc. inside the property and we will need access to electricity and hot water as the machine is not self powered and does not heat the water. Portable carpet steam cleaners have a large water tank which is filled from a hot water tap inside the property, usually the laundry, kitchen or bathroom. For larger jobs the water tank may need to be refilled several times. There is also a waste water tank inside the machine which may need to be emptied (usually into a bucket and then into the toilet).  dirty vacate carpet cleaning MelbourneFor these reasons, cleaning with a portable machine takes a little longer than with a truck mounted machine.

Portable machines maybe compact but they do make quite a bit of noise so it is best to book in the carpet cleaning after the Zoom meetings have finished if working from home!

We Provide Options!

In summary, both truck-mounted and portable carpet cleaning machines offer distinct advantages depending on the specific requirements of the cleaning task at hand. While truck-mounted units excel in power, performance, and efficiency for large-scale commercial applications, portable units offer mobility and flexibility,  for smaller residential and commercial settings. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on factors such as the size of the area to be cleaned, the level of soiling, and accessibility.  By understanding the differences between these two types of carpet steam cleaning machines, we can make informed decisions to achieve optimal cleaning results for you and help you to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Great results are not just about the machinery used, it also depends on the cleaning solutions and the skill of the technician. We have highly skilled technicians with many years of experience and training behind them, high quality non toxic cleaning solutions and both truck mounted and portable machines.  The combination of all of these factors ensures great results every time, regardless of the machine used – we are your local professional carpet steam cleaners and would love to clean your carpet or even just answer your questions.