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New Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine/Tool

Recently we purchased a Hydroforce CX-15 carpet steam cleaning machine.  This carpet cleaning tool is a revolutionary piece of equipment.  It leaves carpets drier and cleaner in less time than ever before.  We have always achieved amazing results with our trusty carpet cleaning wand, however sometimes on jobs with heavily soiled carpets, we would have to spend a lot of time going over the carpet again and again to remove embedded dirt.  The CX-15 has been designed so that usually one pass is enough to remove the dirt.

Carpet steam cleaning machine with the revolutionary square head designcarpet steam cleaning

The head of the CX-15 is enclosed which means the heat is trapped in.  This also means more heat which in turn, means greater cleaning power.  Inside the head, the rotary jets spin so the carpet fibres are cleaned from all angles.  The square, straight edged desigCarpet steam cleaning CX-15 headn of the CX-15 means that, unlike other rotary tools with rounded heads, we can clean close to walls and wood floors. The design of this head also allows air flow speed to be maximised.  This means more water is extracted and carpets dry in less time.

Light as a feather!

The best part about the CX-15 is that it is light – only 9kg , compared to other motored rotary carpet steam cleaning tools which weigh about 36kg.  This means I can easily move it around and up and down stairs without causing myself and injury! It also means I do not need additional cords and power outlets like you do for other electric rotary tools.

Commercial and Residential carpet steam cleaning  – but not in tight spaces!

I have found the best use for this tool is steam cleaning commercial carpets and large empty residential properties.  This is because it is can be a little tricky to maneuver in tight spaces.  The hoses can be a bit of a problem if you don’t have a lot of room to turn around, so I don’t use the CX-15 for carpet steam cleaning in small properties like apartments and townhouses, especially if they are furnished.  However if you are looking for end of lease carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne, for your house or office and would like to see the Hydroforce CX-15 in action, then please give me a call to arrange a booking.

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Carol Jewell

10 Jul 2015

I found Black Gold Carpeting Cleaning on the Internet, read the website and decided to give the company a go since its office was situated on my suburb. Although Yasser was not on time for my steam cleaning task, he did do a wonderful job and I am happy to thoroughly recommend Black Gold to any of my friends who require steam cleaning. I will certainly be calling on Black Gold again when the time comes.

Black Gold

14 Jul 2015

Thanks Carol, it was lovely to meet you and again my apologies for being a little behind schedule that day, I am so glad I was able to achieve a good result for you! See you next time!

Carpet Cleaning Perth

10 Oct 2015

Yes the new Hydroforce CX-15 carpet steam cleaning tool is very good and very helpful in cleaning the carpets, found a very cool equipment and makes the job quite easy.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

04 Oct 2016

Worth reading the blog and helped a lot.. I found this hydroforce CX-15 more helpful making my job easier and faster..

Black Gold

04 Oct 2016

Thanks for reading!

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