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Melbourne Lockdown Carpet Survival Tips

emergency carpet cleaning

Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne have meant almost all industries have stopped for the next 6 weeks – including carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Currently we are only allowed to attend sites for end of lease cleaning, commercial cleaning and emergency carpet cleaning. This may mean your general maintenance cleaning will have to wait. However we are available for emergencies such as water damage and some situations where cleaning is essential for health and safety. If you have any concerns about your carpet, stains or health and safety issues please contact us immediately.

Water damage

Whether it be storm damage, a roof leak, washing machine or bath tub overflow, water damage is an emergency and needs immediate attention. If you leave water on your carpet, it will result in permanent staining and even worse – mould growth. Mould can start growing in as little as 24 hours and is a serious health hazard.

Please contact us as soon as possible when you have any amount of water damage. We will arrange a time to come and inspect your property and quote on the damage. There are a few things you can do to minimise the damage before we arrive for emergency carpet cleaning;

Emergency carpet cleaning- water damaged carpet

For more information on emergency carpet cleaning caused by water damage, please see our water damage restoration page or our other articles:

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Pet Stains

It seems that everyone has adopted a new furry family member during lockdown in Melbourne. If your new four legged friend has an “accident” on the carpet, there are a few measures you can take to ensure the damage does not become permanent while you wait for us to be able to attend at the end of lockdown. Some pet stains may fall under the category of emergency carpet cleaning, so please contact us if you believe it is a health and safety issue that requires emergency action.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning: Pet Stains

For any concerns and advice about pet stains emergency carpet cleaning, please contact us. You may find some of these other resources, helpful;

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Red Wine Stains

Bottle shops remain open during stage 4 lockdown – I think it might cause an even greater state of emergency if they were closed! If you happen to spill a glass (or bottle!) of red wine on your carpet – please do not panic. We can remove red wine stains as long as you do not add chemicals to the stain in an attempt to remove it yourself. We will be able to remove the stain in 6 weeks time as long as you leave it for us!

Red wine spills are not cause for an emergency carpet cleaning booking. In the meantime you can follow this guide below to try and minimise the staining yourself. If this process does not work please leave the stain alone and call us after lockdown.

Emergency carpet cleaning - red wine stain removal

For more handy hints about red wine removal see;

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Vomit Stain Removal

Vomit stains are very common and very hard to remove. The acid in vomit can destroy carpet fibres if it is not attended to quickly. Whether it be your child, your pet or simply something you ate (or drank!) last night, vomit is an emergency carpet cleaning situation, especially if you are unable to clean it yourself. The germs and bacteria are a health and safety issue. If it is just a small area, you may be able to fix it using our guide and avoid an emergency carpet cleaning call out.

emergency carpet cleaning - vomit stain removal

For more detailed information on how to remove vomit stains please read;

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Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

For any emergency carpet cleaning or end of lease carpet cleaning please contact us immediately for help, advice, a quote or a booking. We are always open for advice and help either online or over the phone.

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