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Are you a serial complainer?  Do often find yourself waiting on hold for an eternity to speak to a customer service representative about a defective purchase or dodgy service? If you are, I would like to both congratulate you and thank you!  It is people like you (and me) who make businesses accountable. We make them step up their game and constantly revise their products and services. Without us, most consumers would be suffering from poor quality products and services with no recourse. At Black Gold Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we care. That’s why we offer genuine guaranteed carpet cleaning for all of our Melbourne customers.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne guaranteeHow to stand out in a crowd

The carpet cleaning business is highly competitive. Often the only thing that sets one business apart from the other, is their level of customer service.  Most of my competitors are qualified and have all the right equipment and experience.  They offer reasonably similar prices to me as well as guaranteed carpet cleaning.

Customer service is what really sets me apart from the others in my area, (that and my ability to make stains disappear as if by magic!). I have made it an integral part of my business to always answer the phone in a timely manner and to be polite. I am patient, genuine, respectful and friendly.  This attitude continues when I am on the job.  Gaining the trust and respect of my customers is paramount to me.

I want you to use my service over and over and to tell all your friends and family. It is, after all, much easier to market my business to happy return customers rather than always looking for new customers.

Great expectations and promises, promises!

Recently, I had an issue with a pair of cross trainers I purchased for my son. Basically, they fell apart after 2 months wear.  They were not cheap shoes, so I expected that they would last a little longer.  That is the key to customer satisfaction – expectation! In order to keep customers happy, businesses need to set realistic expectations relating to products or services.  They must meet, if not surpass those expectations.  Sometimes it is even worthwhile to set expectations a little low.  This way you can blow your customers away with the outstanding results or products! In this case, I paid top dollar for a well known and highly regarded brand of sports shoes which failed to meet the expectations set by the company marketing them.

When I attend a carpet cleaning job, before I even unpack my equipment, I walk through the property with you and discuss any issues, stains, spots, damage, and talk you through the expected best outcome for your particular carpet.  No two jobs or stains are ever the same so it is very important to complete this step in detail each and every time.  This way you will know what to expect and if I do better, then you should be ecstatic.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.Guaranteed carpet cleaning Melbourne and suburbs

Unfortunately not all businesses operate this way.  I was blown away by the difference in service standards between Australia and the USA. When I was seeking to return my son’s shoes,  I phoned the 1800 number and was connected to the USA customer service department.  I was given not only an apology, but also made to feel that I had helped the company by bringing the fault to their attention. I felt respected – another key element in customer satisfaction. Then I was redirected to the Australian office, where I was referred back to the store, no apology, no responsibility, no respect.

At the store the manager asked me if my son played sport  – “because that’s going to cause a lot of wear and tear!”  Imagine that? Playing sport in sports shoes! It is like a customer calling to let me know that pet urine odour has returned and I tell them it is their fault for owning a pet in the first place! I received a replacement pair of shoes, but was told not to bother coming back if they fell apart again in 2 months time because they couldn’t keep giving me free shoes!  Needless to say I won’t be back there, EVER!

Guaranteed carpet cleaning MelbourneThe real deal- guaranteed carpet cleaning Melbourne, with no fine print!

We offer satisfaction guaranteed carpet cleaning Melbourne, with no fine print.  If you are not completely satisfied with the work and results, then don’t pay! This expectation I am happy to meet – not that I have had to as yet!  If you are not happy, I am not happy and I will not rest until I have done everything I can to make sure your carpets and upholstery look the best they possibly can. The way I see it, it is much better for both of us if I do the job right the first time, so I always set out to exceed expectations and I am confident in my ability to do so.

Next time you need carpet cleaning in Melbourne, why not call me and I will be happy to assist, go on – it’s guaranteed!

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