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How to fix bleach on carpet

Bleach on carpet – is it a stain?

Bleach on carpet is a real problem. Firstly, let me clear up a common misconception. Bleach does not stain carpet, instead, it removes the colour from the fibres. Bleach causes colour loss, whereas other substances stain by adding colour to the carpet.

We specialise in carpet stain removal, so while we can remove most stains, bleach spots, are not actually stains. This doesn’t mean colour loss cannot be repaired, but it is not something we can fix using “stain removers”. Colour actually needs to be put back rather than removing colour caused by a stain.

How to restore bleached carpet

Steam Cleaning Melbourne Bleached carpet

I have watched all sorts of YouTube Videos recommending strange ways to fix bleach on carpet – anything from vinegar and dish washing detergent, to painting the fibres! Do not try any of these recommendations! The best first step you can take is to call a professional carpet cleaner or carpet restoration specialist. Ultimately you will need someone who can redye the bleach spot and put the colour back into the fibres.

Professional Bleach Repair

A colour restoration specialist will, inspect the bleach damage to determine if bleach is till present. Then they will neutralise the bleach with a professional strength neutralising agent and rinse and extract the area thoroughly. Once the bleach has been removed, the technician will use a chart or even an App to determine what colours to mix to get a good dye match for your carpet. They will then apply the dye, rinse and extract excess water.

Is re dying the only option?

Generally re dying is the best option for repairing bleach spots, however sometimes a patch can be applied instead, depending on the location and size of the damage. Usually the carpet repairer cuts out the section of bleached carpet and replaces it with carpet which is left over from installation or cut from an inconspicuous area such as inside a wardrobe.

Who do I call?

Remove bleach on carpet

This is a very important question! There are many, many carpet cleaners out there, so it can be confusing. Not all carpet cleaners can remove stains and very few can repair bleach spots. In fact carpet cleaning cannot repair this type of damage, only a trained and qualified carpet restorer or repairer can help you with this.

We recently completed a carpet colour restoration course here in Melbourne. Chris Howell from Colorful Carpets in the USA traveled to Australia for a series of training workshops and taught us how to repair bleach spots on carpet. We are currently completing our training and do not yet offer this service. However, you can call us for a recommendation for a carpet re dye service or a carpet repairer and we will put you in touch with professionals we have worked with in the past and can highly recommend.

Some final advice

How to fix bleach on carpet

Many household cleaning agents contain bleach, so be very mindful of this when attempting to clean your carpet or soft furnishings. Never use store bought cleaning sprays without first testing them on an inconspicuous area of carpet and waiting at least 24 hours to see the result. Better, still contact a professional carpet cleaning and restoration service for help and advice.

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18 May 2020

Hi there I have 2 spot in my bedroom that cause of bleach changed the colour of the carpet. Could u please tell me your rate ?

Black Gold

19 May 2020

Hi Guia thanks for contacting us. I have sent you an email.

John Zequin Araneta

08 Dec 2021

How much do you charge to remove Carpet stain caused by bleach?

Black Gold

08 Dec 2021

Hi John we cannot repair bleach stains – it is actually colour loss rather than a stain. This type of job needs a carpet repairer. carpet colour restoration specialist who can re dye the area -we are not currently doing any re dyeing of carpet.


30 May 2022

you could try they fix bleach marks

Black Gold

30 May 2022

I agree John – they are the best and always my first recommendation.

Sammy Janiee

08 Nov 2020

I put bleach over carpet by mistake to clean up stains of dog poo had used disaffect as well but the bleach is still lingering I tryed to wash it out with vinegar and washing up liquid with hot water but still didnt get rid of it how can I get rid of it and the fumes so my partner can sleep as we are in ax1 bedroom flat he is severely disabled so need to sleep in his bed? Can you give me a quote please

Black Gold

17 Nov 2020

I have sent you an email


11 Dec 2020

I unfortunately cleaned my cat’s vomit with bleach on the carpet , I live in a one bedroom apartment and can’t afford to pay for damage . Please help me !!!!!

Black Gold

15 Dec 2020

Unfortunately bleach damage cannot be reversed by carpet cleaning. You will need to contact a carpet restoration specialist who can offer services such as carpet spot redying or patch repair.


05 May 2021

ABERMAIN Hunter Valley NSW

0405 002 903

Black Gold

14 May 2021

Hi Linda, we are based in Melbourne.


21 Sep 2021

Just enquiring about the price to restore some bleach spots caused by hair dye to carpet.

Black Gold

30 Sep 2021

Hi Amanda unfortunately bleach spots cannot be repaired by carpet cleaning. You will need the services of a carpet colour restoration specialist who can re dye the bleached areas or a carpet repairer who can possibly cut out the bleached areas and replace the carpet (if you have extra carpet).

Ellen Parks

28 Aug 2023

I live in Concord Michigan. are you near me? Also could you give me an idea of what is the cost?

Black Gold

05 Sep 2023

We are an Australian company.

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