The Importance Of Getting a Carpet Cleaned Routinely

Your carpet is probably harbouring all kinds of nasties, some visible and some not. That’s why we always suggest cleaning your carpet routinely. For many people this entails regularly vacuuming to gather up dust and dirt whilst this is better than nothing, it doesn’t take care of the stains from pets, food and beverage and kids! We’ve already blogged extensively about how to get rid of the most common stains such as red wine, coffee and pet urine stains. But, if you want to keep your carpet as clean as possible, we highly recommend our steam cleaning service. 

A New Year is a great time to turn over a new leaf, especially when it comes to household cleaning. We understand that life sometimes just gets in the way and finding the time to do a proper clean can be tough. When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, the equipment is specialised and it does require a professional’s attention. Essentially, carpet steam cleaning always gives better results over dry cleaning as it’s able to penetrate dirt that’s hard to get to. We often get asked what the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning, that’s why we put together this handy article ” 3 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning is Best For Your Carpet”.

Deciding when to get your carpet cleaned

The obvious times to get your carpet steam cleaned is after a big party or vacating a property, but we often get bookings from people just wanting to maintain their carpet’s appearance. It’s important to ask some basic questions about the state of your carpet before you decide to enlist a professional carpet cleaners help. Firstly, survey your carpet and make a note of any prominent stains such as red wine, food etc. Take a general note of the overall carpet condition and work out the date of the last clean. Next, take note of any large furniture and if it will be possible to move the items and if any specific items will need to be put in the garage/storage. Once you’ve done some preliminary basic checks and the carpet is in need of a good clean, it’s time to get the professionals around to quote on the job.

When choosing a carpet steam cleaning, you obviously want to go with someone with a good reputation and plenty of experience. At Black Gold carpet cleaning Melbourne we have over 14 years of experience in commercial cleaning and are small family run business meaning you always get the personal touch. We also offer Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning and aware that many people have allergies, or sensitive to chemicals used by other cleaning companies. Often, the bigger commercial outfits lack the care or attention to detail and prioritise profit over customer service. At Black Gold carpet Cleaning we make sure that every customer is a valued one, and all our work comes guaranteed with the Black Gold standard. To book your routine carpet clean or one-off clean call us today!


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