Upholstery Cleaning Services Pricing

How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

Upholstery cleaning services include furniture items such as couches, lounges, sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs, mattresses and ottomans. Each of these items are covered with fabric and just like your clothing, they need regular cleaning. Let’s face it, your couch gets a fairly good work out these days! Whether it be binge watching your favourite Netflix drama, snuggling up with loved ones or a place to eat dinner while watching the news. What can you expect to pay for professional upholstery cleaning services?

How often should I have my upholstery professionally cleaned?

The most common method of cleaning is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Regular cleaning will not only ensure you furniture looks clean, but also helps reduce wear and tear and premature aging as well as remove odour causing germs and bacteria. These big ticket furniture items can last a life time if they are well maintained. We suggest using professional upholstery cleaning services at least once or twice a year.

How do you price upholstery cleaning?

It is difficult to publish exact price lists for our upholstery cleaning services, as the size and condition can vary considerably from one couch to another. We like to price each job individually, however we also understand that it is helpful to have a general pricing guide, when selecting a cleaning service.

We usually price couches, sofas and lounges by the seat. By seat we mean how many people can comfortably sit on the furniture, rather than the number of seat cushions. This is because some seat cushions are very large and actually designed to seat 2 or more people.

  • For couches/sofas our price per seat is currently $50 (inc GST).
  • Armchairs are around the same price, however some larger recliners are slightly more (usually around $55).
  • Dining chairs start from $15 per seat, depending on whether they are base only or back & base
  • Mattresses are priced according to size and start at $66 for a single, $77 for a double, $88 Queen, $99 King.
  • Our minimum charge is $110

Why does upholstery cleaning cost more than carpet cleaning?

Upholstery steam cleaning Melbourne

Many customers ask why it often costs more to clean their couch than it does to clean all of their carpet. Surely cleaning, several rooms of carpet is a bigger job than a sofa? Upholstery cleaning services are priced according to amount of time they take to complete rather than just surface area.

Although the cleaning processes are similar, upholstery cleaning usually costs a little more than carpet cleaning. This is because upholstery cleaning is much more labour intensive. The wand used to clean carpet is much larger than the upholstery cleaning tool and therefore can cover more surface area in much less time. Try vacuum cleaning your carpet with the upholstery attachment and you will soon get the picture!

Also there are lots of surfaces and nooks and crannies to work around when cleaning upholstery, whereas rooms of carpet are usually rectangular and we can clean in fairly straight lines and therefore work faster.

Upholstery stain removal

Steam cleaning upholstery will remove most dirty marks and general grime and water marks. However coloured stains such as red wine, blood, rust, ink, juice, etc. do require specialised stain removal treatment and therefore may incur a small additional cost.

We can remove most stains as long as they have not previously been treated with any chemicals. It is very important to use the correct treatment as each type of stain has unique properties. For example, you should never try to remove ink with water based products as they will just spread the stain.

Stains from pets, such as Urine which has soaked deep into the mattress or upholstery foam core, may leave behind odour which cannot be removed by cleaning. Steam cleaning can penetrate the top layers, however we cannot clean deep into the core as this will damage to integrity of the upholstery or mattress and may encourage mould growth.

Fabric protection against stains

Fabric protection is another separate process. A protective chemical is sprayed onto the surface of the upholstery to make it repel liquid spills. Fabric protection will not necessarily stop staining, however it does buy you some time to remove spills before they soak in.

Fabric protection is an additional charge of around $30 per seat, however it does depend on the size of the furniture.

Black Gold carpet Cleaning offers affordable and professional upholstery cleaning services throughout Melbourne. Just Search “upholstery cleaning services near me” for your local cleaning service or Contact us for a quote!


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31 Oct 2020

I have a 1x 3-seat and 1x 2-seat upholstered sofas in need of a spring clean. Could you let me know cost and timing? We’re in Thornbury. Thanks, Leanne

Black Gold

31 Oct 2020

Thank you for your inquiry Leanne – I have just sent you an email.

Ellen Cateris

05 Mar 2023

Hi I have a 3 seater and 2×1 seater recliners that need a clean. All fabric. I will need upholstery protection as well.
Could you send me a quote please?

Black Gold

06 Mar 2023

Thank you Ellen I have emailed you.

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