You should be wary of prices too good to be true, especially when looking for vacate carpet cleaning, Melbourne

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A picture paints a thousand words….but so can a review!

This review was left by one of our vacate carpet cleaning Melbourne customers, just last week;

“Extremely professional & very passionate about his work.
My carpets had plenty of stains, marks, rust, chewing gum
and they got removed. He will try everything to remove marks
& stains. These stains were not removed by 2 carpet cleaning

companies before him.” Deepak vacate carpet cleaning in MelbourneVerma

To me the last sentence says it all!  This customer was vacating a property in Elwood and had the carpets cleaned once during his tenancy and again as he was leaving.  Two different carpet cleaners were unable to remove the stains, he eventually called me to remove.




If at first you don’t succeed….

Just think about it, on top of all the other costs associated with moving house, this poor customer had to pay for vacate carpet cleaning, not once, but twice!  The first cleaner was budget priced and poor Deepak found out the hard way that sometimes “budget” means bad!  He was left in the unfortunate situation of either sacrificing part of his bond, or finding another carpet cleaner who could help.  Luckily for Deepak, he found Black Gold Carpet Cleaning and called me.

I was appalled that any carpet cleaner would leave a premises in that state and have the nerve to charge for it.  There were not only the original stains but also obvious browning and water damage from the carpet cleaner over wetting the carpet. 

All carpets are different and a professional carpet cleaner understands this and adapts their cleaning methods accordingly.  Wool carpets require a different amount of water pressure (PSI) than synthetic carpets.  By using the wrong pressure setting, you can damage carpets by over wetting, which causes wicking (browning) and other issues such as mould and carpet shrinkage.

In order to be able to maintain cheap prices, some carpet cleaners save money by using low grade cleaning products and equipment (or sometimes no detergent at all – just water!). There are huge differences in the quality of cleaning chemicals and detergents, both in terms of performance and results as well as their environmental impact.  We strive for the best results possible with the least amount of adverse environmental impact.  To achieve our outstanding results, we have to spend a bit more than the  average companies offering cheap vacate carpet cleaning Melbourne, but we think it is money well spent, especially if it means getting you bond back for you.

Quality is not an act…it’s a habit

Black Gold is not your average carpet cleaning company. By using our service,  you are also getting years of experience and knowledge, training and qualifications which certify my work to industry standards.  Our satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing we will do everything we can to ensure you get your bond back and do so with a minimum of fuss.  We will turn up at the appointed time and you will have one less thing to worry about.  Moving house is a stressful business and we always do our part to make sure that at least the carpets are cleaned with a minimum of stress.Vacate carpet cleaning guranbteed bond back

I was very happy to be able to help out Deepak and remove the stains and the water damage left by the previous cleaner.  Take a look at the colour of that water!! This is from carpet that supposedly had been cleaned a few days before!!

Before hiring someone vacate carpet cleaning in Melbourne, ask them if they have;

  • Qualifications or training
  • How long they have been in business
  • If they offer a guarantee
  • what equipment and products they use
  • Do they have insurance

A Professional carpet cleaner will ask you some questions too such as;

  • How many rooms do you have / what is the approximate area?
  • What is the condition of the carpet (lightly soiled, stained, worn, heavily soiled)
  • What type of fibre is the carpet (wool, synthetic, blended, etc.)
  • How long since the carpet has been cleaned
  • Is the property furnished or empty

If they do not ask these types of questions, then I would be quite careful, as they may be offering a budget price to secure the job and then want to increase the quote once they arrive (known as ) or they are not adequately trained or not yet experienced enough to know that these questions are very important when determining an accurate quote.vacate carpet cleanign Melbourne dirty water

For stress-free vacate carpet cleaning Melbourne contact Black Gold Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

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