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Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne & Suburbs

You will notice the difference when you use Black Gold for carpet steam cleaning Melbourne!  We promise to give all our carpet steam cleaning customers,  great service and results every time.  We can quote over the phone by asking some questions about your carpet, for example, the age and condition of the carpet, the number and size of rooms and if it is for end of lease.  A Standard room size is up to 12 sqm.


What you can do to prepare for carpet steam cleaning Melbourne carpet steam cleaning

  • Please ensure carpet is vacuumed thoroughly before we arrive.
  • Remove breakable items, smaller furniture like dining chairs, pot plants etc. from the areas to be cleaned.
  • We do not move furniture. We clean as best we can, around furniture. If you choose to move furniture, then please bear in mind the furniture cannot be placed back on the carpet for 12-24 hours.
  • If you have long curtains, please pin these back, up off the floor.
  • For end of lease cleans, please ensure the electricity is connected and hot water is available.


Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

best carpet cleaning methodOn arrival, our carpet technician will walk through your property with you before commencing.  He will determine what type of carpet you have, the condition of the carpet and point out any potential issues before any steam cleaning begins.  If there are stains, he will give you an indication of the best possible outcome so there are clear expectations.  Some stains do incur additional charges and some stains may be permanent.

Standard carpet steam cleaning (hot water extraction), is a complete cleaning process. Firstly, we pre-spray your carpet to loosen dirt, then we use a spot remover where necessary, followed by a deep steam clean using a hot water extraction machine. Standard steam cleaning includes, free carpet deodourising.

We have both truck mounted and portable cleaning systems.  Portable machines are handy for smaller apartments and when access is limited or above ground level.  Truck mounted machines are great for larger properties where there is driveway access.  Truck mounted machines are self generated and do not require electricity, however they do require access to water via a garden tap.

Once he has completed the cleaning, our technician will do a final inspection with you to ensure you are happy with the end result.  We never pack up until we are sure you are happy with our work and we always guarantee our work.

If you are unsure about the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning, please read my article linked here.

People, Pet and Planet Friendly

Our carpet steam cleaning service uses locally manufactured, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products. Our pre spray detergent is citrus based and biodegradable so it is completely safe for you and your loved ones as well as the planet. We use essential oils such as lavender and tea tree for their natural anti bacterial properties and lovely scents. We dilute the essential oils to a safe level for pets, however if you or your pets are sensitive to these oils, please let us know and we will use an alternative product. While our cleaning products are “low tox” they are not chemical free.  Please follow this link to find out why chemical free cleaning is not possible.

Heavily Soiled Carpet

Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne for heavily solied carpetIf your carpet is heavily soiled, we add extra processes including agitation to loosen deeply embedded dirt before we steam clean and where necessary, we comb the carpet fibre after cleaning to restore the natural appearance.  Speciality stain removal treatments will be applied as necessary.

There is an additional charge for cleaning heavily soiled carpet, due to the extra processes required and the additional time and products needed to give the best result possible.

How long will it take to dry?

Carpet cleaning hot water extractionIn Melbourne, carpet steam cleaning will leave your carpets damp for between 4-6 hours.  This  depends on the ventilation and Melbourne weather conditions.  However you can walk on the carpet immediately, provided you have clean shoes.  Please however, be careful when stepping from the damp carpet to hard surfaces as it can be slippery.

Carpet protection is highly recommended to help minimise stain penetration into the carpet fibre and is available at an additional cost to carpet cleaning.

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For more information or to book your carpet in for a clean, please Contact Us  Phone: 0403 254 080