carpet dry cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne & Suburbs

At Black Gold, we understand that for some customers in Melbourne carpet dry cleaning is preferred.  Some carpets, such as low pile, commercial carpets for businesses are actually better suited to this method.  While we do offer this is process as an alternative to steam cleaning, it should not be used as a replacement for carpet steam cleaning.This process is a good way to maintain your carpets between cleans.  It is especially handy in the cold Melbourne winter months when drying times can be longer.  Steam cleaning is our preferred method of carpet cleaning for residential carpets and we do not recommend the low moisture, bonnet cleaning method on long pile carpet.

dry cleaning carpetCarpet Dry Cleaning Process

Our dry carpet cleaning process starts with a walk through and full assessment before any cleaning begins.  We then pre-spray your carpets with a cleaning solution and apply a spot remover where necessary.  Next, we gently agitate your carpet with a rotary machine to loosen the dirt from the carpet fibre.  This process is called the bonnet low moisture cleaning method.  Afterwards, we fit the rotary machine with an absorbent pad to soak up the dirt and moisture from the carpet fibre.  Combing or raking the carpet as a last stage will restore the natural look of the pile. This process leaves the carpet only slightly damp.  The carpet should dry within an hour or two but can be walked on immediately with clean shoes.

This method, will clean the surface of the carpet and steam carpet cleaning is required to really clean deep into the pile.  Dry cleaning alone is not really suitable for heavily soiled carpets. Hot water extraction along with agitation is the best method and gives the best result.

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