Oriental Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

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 Why use Black Gold for Rug Cleaning Melbourne?

on site rug cleaning MelbourneRugs not only add warmth and colour to a room, but they are constantly in use by the kids, pets and other family members. Regular rug cleaning will help keep your rugs looking and feeling great.  Regular cleaning will also help keep dirt, dust mites and allergens at bay.

Our rug cleaning Melbourne service can come to you.  We can steam clean your rugs in your own home or office. To clean rugs, we use same cleaning process as outlined for our carpet cleaning. Beautiful floor rugs can drastically alter the look and feel of any room. It is important to keep them looking their best.  Have your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

On Site Rug Cleaning

Before we clean your rug, we conduct a dye fastness test to determine if it is suitable for on-site cleaning. Most commercially manufactured rugs are suitable for steam cleaning as they are usually made in the same way as your carpets.  A good idea to save time and money is getting the rugs and carpets cleaned at the same time.  Off-site rug washes are a fantastic service but they do cost considerably more than on site rug or carpet cleaning. If you are budget conscious, but still want fantastic service and results consider calling a professional carpet cleaner such as Black Gold, to clean your rugs.


Rug cleaning Melbourne pet stain removcalPet stains and odour on Rugs

Please note, that pet urine odor (especially from cats) is particularly difficult to remove from rugs.  Because we surface clean the top side of the rug only, we cannot always remove pet urine that has soaked all the way through to the backing of the rug.  In cases of extreme staining, we may recommend that you contact a rug wash.  A professional Rug Wash facility can wash your rug, using a full immersion method. This depends on the type of rug and the amount of urine.


Some Oriental rugs, or rugs made from animal hide or silk should be taken to a specialist off-site rug cleaner.

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