Tile cleaning in Melbourne

Tile Cleaning Melbourne (& Grout)

At Black Gold tile cleaning Melbourne you will find professional, friendly, expert service.  We can help with all of your tile and grout cleaning jobs around the home or office. Our tile cleaning process will leave your hard floors looking like new.  Great clean, great service and at an  affordable price.  We charge by the square meter and can offer discounted prices for large areas – the more you clean the cheaper the rate!  Professional tile cleaning Melbourne by Black Gold will leave your tiles clean and hygienically safe for your family.  Regular cleaning helps maintain your floors’ beauty and functionality for many years to come.

Why hire us for Tile Cleaning Melbourne?

Your hard floors, are exposed to all kinds of dirt and germs from the daily foot traffic and spills.  In places like the kitchen and bathroom,  is not only the tiles that require cleaning, but also the grout.  Grout is the filling used between the tiles to hold them in place.  Grout is quite porous and can absorb liquids and oils which then attract dirt and germs.  These in turn become embedded  in the grout. To clean the tiles and grout to remove mould, mildew, dirt and other nasties, it is important to use a chemical that is safe for tiles and your family. At the same time, however, a chemical which not so kind to dirt and germs.

Black Gold Tile Cleaning Melbourne

  • Tile Cleaning Melbourne BGCCTile Cleaning MellbourneAt Black Gold Tile Cleaning Melbourne, we use  non-toxic chemicals to ensure the best result for everyone!
  • Firstly, we pre spray this chemical onto your hard floor.  Then we allow it time to dwell and really soak into all the crevices and porous openings in the tiles and grout.
  • Our technicians are experienced and know how to deliver the best possible results for your tiles.  They know how to use the equipment safely and effectively. They will use a rotor brush tool which will deliver hot water to the floor and scrub, to loosen the dirt and germs.  Next, the powerful vacuum extraction connected to the rotar brush will remove the water, dirt and bacteria. This process  leaves your floors clean and dry.
  • Our equipment has been designed to deliver the right amount of heat, water pressure and agitation to offer a really deep clean for your floors.

For Tile Cleaning Melbourne inquiries

Please contact us to discuss your tile cleaning requirements and we will be happy to give advice and a quote over the phone.  We recommend that you professionally clean your hard floors regularly.  This will not only keep them looking good, but also to protect against wear and tear caused by ingrained dirt.  Professional tile cleaning will also remove the build up of germs and bacteria which can occur even if you mop your floor regularly.

Call 0403 254 080 for all inquiries.

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