Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Black Gold is a good choice to steam clean your carpet because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our fully trained and accredited carpet cleaning technicians want you to be completely happy with the job. We want your return business, so we offer friendly and affordable service with guaranteed results, every time.

Yes you can! By asking the right questions, such as the room size and condition & type of carpet, we can usually provide a fairly accurate quote over the phone. All of our quotes include GST and deodourising and we do not charge “extras” when we come out to do the job. The price we give you over the phone is the end price – UNLESS – the carpets are much dirtier or bigger/smaller then described, then we will adjust the quote accordingly.

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Yes, in most circumstances, we require both electricity and access to hot water in order to clean your carpets. If you are moving house, please ensure these utilities remain connected, until after carpet cleaning. We do operate a truck mounted system which can be used in some situations where there is no hot water or electricity available, however this depends on driveway access and is not usually an option for apartments above the ground floor.

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Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They use a special range of cleaning solutions, and know which stain treatments to use for each different type of stain. However successful stain removal depends on several factors and some carpet stains may be permanent if they have been left untreated for an extended period of time or if you have tried to remove them with over the counter stain removers. We do our best, however we can’t guarantee to remove every carpet stain. For the best results getting stains removed call Black Gold Carpet Cleaning for our professional advice.

For best results, we ask that you vacuum carpets and move smaller items and breakables prior to cleaning. Due to Health & Safety Regulations, we do not move large items of furniture. We usually clean around and under larger items where possible.Vacuum cleaning is best doen before carpet cleaning

You can walk on the carpets straight away. Your carpets will only be slightly damp after cleaning, so as long as your shoes are clean, it is ok to walk on the carpet immediately. However please be careful when moving from carpeted areas to hard floors as it may be slippery.

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The drying time varies depending on the weather conditions, humidity, type of carpet and so on. On average, carpets that have been steam cleaned will take 4-5 hours to dry. Carpets that have been dry cleaned will take 1-2 hours to dry.

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Our best advice on how to clean carpet spills, is, blot the liquid gently with a clean white cloth/towel. Do not rub. If the spot is still visible, use a clean white damp cloth and keep blotting, change to a clean cloth once colour starts to transfer from the carpet to the cloth. If the stain has not been removed, call Black Gold professional carpet cleaners. Do not use store bought carpet cleaners on stains as they may set the stain and make it impossible to remove, or worse, bleach your carpet! Coffee, red wine, cordial and pet stains almost always require professional carpet cleaning to remove, however you can try this blotting method immediately to try to remove as much liquid as possible.

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A clean mattress is important for your health and to remove dust mites, dirt, odours, etc., mattresses should be cleaned every six months and vacuumed regularly. Upholstery should be cleaned at least every 12 months or as required.

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We can understand this concern, and it’s a question we often get asked. Whilst, it’s not possible to do a great cleaning job without the use of chemicals, we make sure that everything we us is non-harmful to humans or animals.Our cleaning products are locally manufactured and environmentally friendly. For more information please read this article we wrote all about chemical free cleaning.

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We do not publish a price list on our website as, in our experience, no two jobs are the same. We like to quote each job individually by asking enough questions to allow us to quote accurately over the phone. This way you know what to expect when we arrive and there are no hidden extras or surprises. We base our pricing on an average rooms size of 12 sqm with room prices starting from $50 and we have a minimum charge of $110. All prices include GST and deodourising.

Follow these links for a  general guide on carpet cleaning pricing or upholstery cleaning pricing –

It is important to act quickly to avoid further water damage. Try to remove as much of the water as possible by placing towels on the wet carpet. DO NOT stand on the towels or walk on the area if at all possible as this will cause the water to soak through and damage the underlay and floor underneath. Replace towels with dry ones, once they become soaked. Try to ensure there is good ventilation in the area by opening the windows if possible and place a fan on the opposite side of the wet area to blow air across the wet carpet towards the window. Call Black Gold Carpet Cleaning 0403 254 080, to professionally extract the remaining water and apply an anti microbial treatment to prevent mold and a solution to prevent the carpet turning brown.

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We accept cash of course, but also MasterCard, Visa or Eftpos. Payment is due on the day of cleaning, once you are happy with the result. We will provide you with a receipt upon payment, which is important for end of lease cleaning.

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We do clean tiles and grout on floors but not inside showers/on walls. We usually charge by the square meter for tile cleaning with prices starting at around $8/sqm. We can also clean hard floors.Clean tiles and hard floors in Melbourne