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Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and suburbs

Our Mattress Cleaning Melbourne service will help you breathe easier and get a better night’s sleep. Beds are prime real estate for dust mites and other little nasties and when you think about it, we spend a third of our lives with these uninvited bedfellows! While we sleep, we shed dead skin which makes it way into our bedding and mattresses. Dust mites thrive on this food source and some people are allergic to the resulting waste. As if that wasn’t bad enough…the warmth and moisture from our bodies provides the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to grow and these too can set off allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

What can you do to prolong the life of your mattress and help keep dust mites and allergens at bay?

4 ways Mattress cleaning melbourne to keep your mattress healthy

  • Regularly vacuum the surface of the mattress, at least once every week or two.
  • Turn you mattress regularly
  • Blot spills immediately, as once they dry they can be much harder to remove.
  • Have your mattress professionally cleaned every 6 months
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  • Anti-Allergy Pre Clean

    If Anti Allergy Mattress Cleaning Melbourne allergies are of a concern to you, then before we clean your mattress, we can pre clean your mattress using our Raycop Vacuum system. This small hand held vacuum cleaner will eliminate dust mites and bacteria in 3 ways;

    1. The UVC Sterilising Lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps eliminate dust mites and germs that may cause respiratory issues such as asthma.
    2. The Vibrating Pad shakes the dust mites free from the mattress fibres.
    3. The vacuum has a 2 stage micro-allergy filtration system which effectively extracts the dust mites and their waste from your mattress.


  • Our Mattress Cleaning Procedure

    To clean your mattress, we pre spray with an anti microbial treatment and then steam clean using hot water extraction which cleans the mattress and vacuums away any left over nasties like dead skin cells and dust mites. We then follow up with sanitising and deodourising with essential oils. Lavender is a sleep inducing essential oil which is also a natural anti bacterial.

    Mattresses in Melbourne should be cleaned at least every 6-12 months to remove dust mites, dirt, bacteria and odours. Mattresses will be damp and usually take around 4 hours to dry. This process will remove most stains. Some mattress stains, however, do become permanent over time. Cleaning may not remove these stains, but will kill bacteria and remove dust mites and dead skin cells.

    Ask about our other upholstery cleaning services for fabric upholstery cleaning and leather lounge cleaning.