Black Gold Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Pet Stain Removal specialists!

We are specialists when it comes to Melbourne pet stain removal. Many city dwellers now keep pets in their apartments.  Sometimes this means that pets are locked up at home for long periods and accidents are bound to happen!  This customer in Melbourne’s Southbank, had a sick pet who destroyed his carpet, while he was at work.  When he discovered the mess, he tried to clean it up himself, even resorting to bi carb soda, which just made an even bigger mess.  This is when he called Black Gold carpet Cleaning for help.

Natural anti bacterial

We were able to not only remove the carpet pet stain, but also sanitise and deodourise the area for him.  We use natural, organic products for their powerful anti bacterial properties and beautiful scents. Pet, planet and human friendly! Essential Oils are wonderful for cleaning and deodourising.

Leave it to the professionals

It is best not to try and remove stains like this yourself.  It often results in a bigger mess and more damage to your carpet. This Melbourne pet stain removal job is testament to this! Pet stains leave behind odour causing bacteria and the acid in urine can cause permanent bleaching.  It is best to just dilute the stains with a little water and then call in the professionals –  Black Gold Carpet Cleaning.

To find out more about our Melbourne Pet stain removal, please call us on 0403 254 080.

Melbourne Pet Stain Removal

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