BGCC Melbourne Red Wine Stain Removal

Check out this Melbourne red wine stain removal photo!  Sometimes after a long day at work, there is nothing better than collapsing on the couch with a nice bottle of red and a movie……that is until it becomes a real life horror movie after you accidentally knock over the whole bottle of red onto the carpet! This customer experienced this horror and lived to tell the tale! This red wine stain was no match for Black Gold carpet Cleaning – the Melbourne red wine stain removal experts!

Home Remedies for red wine stains

There are many home remedies out there for red wine stain removal – some work, but most don’t!  This customer used salt and bi carb soda to remove the stain – you can see how that turned out in the before photo! We do not recommend trying to remove red wine stains yourself. You may end up with a bigger mess and permanent damage. We have seen all sorts of weird and not so wonderful “DIY Stain Removal” disasters. This advice applies for all stain removal not just red wine.

Professional Help and Advice

Always call a professional carpet cleaner for help and advice when dealing with a stain like this.  What you do or don’t do, can make all the difference when it comes to red wine stain removal. This outcome below was only possible because the customer had not applied an over the counter stain removal spray. We can also help you with stain removal on couches, mattresses, rugs and carpet. We are happy to give advice over the phone any time, so please call for all Melbourne red wine stain removal inquiries and general cleaning issues.

For help and advice call us on 0403 254 080. Here is an article on How to remove Red Wine on Carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Red Wine Stain Removal

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