Black Gold Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Stain Removal Experts!

Every time you spill a liquid on the carpet, dirt and dust particles stick to the liquid.  These spots then become dirty grey or black marks on the carpet.  As in this Melbourne home, the carpet had suffered it’s fair share of spills and foot traffic. This customer was amazed at the results we were able to achieve.  As you can see we really are the Melbourne stain removal experts!

Stain Removal Guarantee

Because we are the stain removal experts we can offer you our guarantee – if we say we can remove it and we don’t then there is no charge!  We know how to remove many common household stains and we will always give you an honest appraisal and advice. If we don’t think we can remove a stain we won’t charge you for the inspection.  We will always do our best to remove stains, but sometimes stains are permanent.

Stains Vs Spots

Stains occur when there is colour transfer from a substance which comes into contact with your carpet.  Spots are usually areas of carpet where dirt has become stuck to a clear liquid spill. To find out more about Carpet stain removal Melbourne and the difference between stains and spots, please visit our carpet stain removal page.

We are always happy to answer your questions about stain removal.  Please call us on 0403 254 080 before reaching for that spray you have in the cupboard!  It might just do more harm than good!

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Stain Removal

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