Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial carpet cleaning for your office, shop, cafe, school or club.  Lovissa, is a chain of accessory stores located in shopping centers through out Melbourne. We clean the carpet in store on a regular basis.  As you can imagine these shops receive a lot of foot traffic so they need regular cleaning to maintain appearances. We also clean the carpet at some Mecca stores around Melbourne as well as stores at Chadstone shopping centre.

First Impressions Count

First impressions count, so if you have a workplace where your customers come to you, then it is very important to keep everything clean and tidy.  This includes carpet and upholstery.  Because, providing a clean and comfortable environment for your customers can help increase sales! The difference professional cleaning makes is very obvious in these photos. We can help spruce up your business in no time and improve customer experience.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We clean carpet and upholstery on buses, at schools, nursing homes, kindergartens, shops, office and just about anywhere else you can think of.  We work all over Melbourne. Clean carpet and upholstery in your office or retail out let helps keep your staff and customers healthy too! You would be horrified to know how bacteria lives on these surfaces!  A good professional clean on a regular basis will help keep these odour causing bacteria at bay. This is particularity important for some of our larger commercial customers such such as nursing homes and medical clinics.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us on 0403 254 080 or visit our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne page for more information.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

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