On Site Rug Cleaning Melbourne Service

As you can clearly see from this picture, we can come to you almost anywhere in Melbourne.  Bringing our professional rug cleaning service to you.  We even cleaned rugs for this yacht on the dock at Victoria Harbour, Docklands.

Regular Rug Cleaning

Rugs carry a lot of foot traffic and require regular cleaning, especially if you have young children or pets who seem to spend most of their time on floor rugs. The amount of dirt and bacteria on the rug fibres would astound you! Rugs look beautiful and add warmth and colour, but they also carry a lot of germs.  It is important to use a professional rug cleaning service to ensure the health of your family and cleanliness of your home (or yacht!).

Specialty Rugs

Most commercially manufactured rugs can be cleaned in your own home very successfully.  However sometimes hand made or Oriental/Persian rugs require specialist care and cannot be steam cleaned by our rug cleaning service.  If you have one of these rugs then we will usually refer you to a specialist rug wash facility for advice. Rug wash facilities specialise in delicate hand made rug cleaning.

Other services

we don’t just clean rugs on yachts, we have also been called out to clean carpet and upholstery on similar vessels. However, you don’t have to have a fancy yacht to use our services!  We can come to you and clean upholstery, tiles and carpet in your home or office. We also specialise in stain removal and water damage restoration. So please feel free to give us a call to discuss our rug cleaning service or any of our other cleaning services.

Please visit this page for advice or more information about our rug cleaning service Melbourne.  Or you can call us on 0403 254 080.

Rug cleaning service Melbourne

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