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We remove the stains and spots others leave behind

Carpet spot and stain removal Melbourne is one of our specialties. Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between spots & stains or why some stain removal is an additional charge?

Why do we charge extra for stain removal?

Stain removal of substances such as red wine, cordial, blood, ink, paint, wax, rust etc. can be difficult to remove. Carpet cleaning alone, can not usually remove them as they require;

  • Knowledge gained from both training and experience
  • Particular equipment
  • Specialized chemicals scientifically designed for specific types of stains
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  • Spots

    Spots are the marks left on carpet after oils or liquids have been spilt onto the carpet. The liquid attracts the dirt to the carpet fibre and dark patches appear as a result. The dirt does not actually penetrate the fibre. These types of spots are usually removed during the carpet cleaning process and there is no extra charge to remove them. High traffic areas usually attract a lot of these types of dirty spots or marks on carpet. This is why we always pre spray and use a spot remover before we clean the carpet.

  • Stains

    Stains are caused when a liquid has a distinct colour or composition which penetrates the carpet fibre and actually causes a colour change within the fibre. If you have ever spilt red wine on the carpet you will know how difficult these types of stains can be to remove. Coffee, red cordial, blood and ink can also stain your carpet and without the proper treatment can become permanent. We do charge a small additional fee for this type of stain removal, however we also offer a stain removal guarantee

  • Not all carpet cleaners are equipped or trained to deal with these types of stains. It is a specialty service and therefore does incur an additional charge. “Free stain removal” offered by some carpet cleaners, usually means removal of spots and dirty marks that can be removed by standard steam cleaning rather than the heavy duty stains listed here.

  • Please note, once stain removal has been attempted by yourself or another carpet cleaner, we cannot guarantee removal or predict the end result.

Call us on 0403 254 080 for spots and stains removal Melbourne, we offer free quotes and are always happy to offer advice over the phone or assess the situation on site.