Leather Lounge Cleaning Melbourne

Leather Lounge Cleaning Melbourne and suburbs

Black Gold leather cleaning Melbourne, specialises in not only leather lounge cleaning, but all types of leather furniture cleaning. Like your skin, leather requires constant care and maintenance to stay soft and supple!  Prevention is definitely better than cure and especially when it comes to your expensive leather furniture. We can offer advice and expert cleaning for your lounge suite, sofa or recliner chair.

 Red Leather loungecleaning MelbourneRegular Leather Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your valuable leather upholstery will prevent cracking and keep it looking and feeling like new. We recommend you clean your leather furniture at least once a year, to help remove dirt and oils and to prevent fading, cracking and dryness. Well cared for leather upholstery can last up to four times longer than fabric upholstery, so it is definitely worth looking after.

While regular cleaning will help keep your leather furniture looking its best.  You should also;

  • regularly vacuum your leather upholstery with a soft brush attachment to prevent scratching the leather
  • keep leather furniture away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent fading and cracking
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, oils, furniture polish, baby wipes or abrasive cleaners to clean leather

White Leather Lounge cleaning MelbourneOur cleaning process

We use a 3 step leather upholstery cleaning process to expertly clean your leather furniture.

Firstly we apply a leather cleaning solution followed by a deep but gentle brush clean. Then, we wipe with a soft cloth to remove built in dirt. Finally we apply a moisturising solution which we buff to give your leather upholstery a beautiful, soft finish and a shine like new.

If your leather furniture is faded or cracked, then cleaning will help prevent any further damage, however, it will not repair the damage.  For leather that has been damaged, we recommend you contact a leather restoration expert.

Leather lounge cleaning is labour intensive, therefore it costs a little more than fabric upholstery cleaning.

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